Some slight changes to the 'Satchel' look

2017-01-17 19:10:34 by JRRun

Hi Newgrounds folks!

So, I have just uploaded the next installment of 'The Adventure Satchel' and I have changed the format ever so slightly. It is still told in its traditional 'AV Storytelling' format, but I have changed the intro stinger so that it gets into the action and/or the *actual* story much quicker than it previously had done. On top of that, I have also tinkered with the fonts. 

The real reason for this is because my old laptop died and - as a result - I lost the font files (should'a backed them up - but alas - I did not AND I couldn't find the font type I was after...) Ah well, C'est la vie! I kinda figure it's for the best anyway. The newer format is a little cleaner and easier to replicate now.

At the end of the day, I suppose it's all about discovery and working your way through a project such as this one...

Anyway, hope you all enjoy! 

New uploads as soon as I am able to...

JR :)


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