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Hey, I'm JR. Love creating my own original content. On here you should find some of my work. Hope you enjoy! Cheers.

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Hi folks,

Just thought I'd share a quick news post updating the fact that I have *finally* completed TAS - Episode 7. It only took well over a year... (yyyeaaah, 'bout that: some things just take time. Reality itself tends to be the main reason). So, because of the fact it took quite a while, I'm also going to go into some of the reasons why that is the case and, for those few followers that I do have, I feel that I would like to owe you this explanation more than anyone else. This is because I really do appreciate your support and for stickin' around with me here on the JRRun channel.

Okay, so firstly, it's over nine minutes long. Even though 'Satchel's' format is not traditional frame-by-frame animation (it's more like a narrated motion-comic - or animatic - if you will). It still takes a lot of work. The more minutes, the longer it takes.

Secondly, I am the only one working on this. I do not have a Patreon or a large social media following. I am doing the unpopular thing and making my own original art and trying to grow my audience as organically as I can. I figure if there are folks out there who like my stuff, they might, I don't know, be interested in seeing what else I create? And so for those awesome few, believe me when I say: I truly appreciate your support.

Thirdly, I moved country. Not a small thing. That took a fair chunk of my life up for a while. Settlin' in and all that. I think some people forget that reality is a factor. I'm not a machine; I am a human being here behind this moniker. Things take time (again, refer to the first point) and you have to adjust at different points in your life. That being said, I cracked on and got it done. So, I am happy with my efforts and the fact I got it out only a few months after I initially planned to.

Lastly, I love Newgrounds.com and the support that 'Satchel' has received over the past couple of years. I just feel as though it's had a fairer go here and has had the chance to grow over time as people have either discovered it initially or stumbled upon it along their travels. I am really thankful for that.

Also too, just before I sign off on this post, I get that 'Satchel' is not for everyone. That's more than okay if it's not your thing. Now, I have only really received great support and encouragement whilst being here on Newgrounds, but I do suspect that there may be the odd troll or two hiding in the wings*. Just for those odd few, please know that I am not changing the format. I will continue to tell the story in my own way and the way that I see fit. Critique and sensible suggestions are always welcomed (and, sincerely, thank you to all who have provided me with that feedback - good and not-so-good - hey, it's important. It has been really useful and I appreciate you giving me your time to help me tell my story better), but I do know the difference between trolling and helping. So, for all the trolls: have a nice day.

To all the Newgrounds folk; thank you for your support thus far and, if you've made it this far on my post, thank you for taking the time to read my update. Hope you enjoy Episode 7 (if it's your thing).

Have a good one and now it is time to get back to working on Episode 8 and getting that ready. I am also looking to shift my style and workflow process to, hopefully, make it a little quicker. (And that includes writing shorter episodes).



[*Captain Obvious.]

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