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Hey, I'm JR. Love creating my own original content. On here you should find some of my work. Hope you enjoy! Cheers.


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Hi folks,

Firstly, I hope you're all keepin' well. What a crazy, crazy time, huh?...

Secondly, I can not believe it has been over a year since I wrote a News Post here on good ol' Newgrounds. Yikes. Just goes to show how busy 2019 became and then, well, just how "un-busy" it became virtually overnight. One day you're walkin' around, livin' your life and the next - pump the brakes. Time for a rest. Everyone, that is. Mandatory, as in now. Y'know, the older I get, the more the clich├ęs appear to ring true. "Time flies..."

Well, you ain't wrong: time's a funny one I've found. It truly does just seem t' fly by when life is movin' and slows down... when, well you ain't movin' so much. Which, on the one hand - has been a great thing - got some work done. Spent more time with my family. Stopped and smelled the roses (well, kinda) - and, on the other hand, has been a bit tough on the ol' "state of mind". Some days are better than others, as I am sure most of you may agree.

Thirdly, and I should really get to the subject line: 'Satchel' - Part 8 has been completed and uploaded! (Yah-hoo! Link below. If you do dig it, would love to hear from you - and, I would also say - start at the 'Pilot - Episode 1' if you want to whole story thus far).

It's a long-haul project that I am enjoying immensely and is also proving to be a good ground for tryin' new storytelling techniques and for testing the metal when it comes to things like: art and style, voice acting, pacing, sound mixing, editing and deliverables. Lovin' the motion comic format! And, yeah - hopefully, some of you may like it too.

That brings me to fourthly - what next? I am still workin' on 'Satchel' (have been since 2016 - and I am not changin' that now) buuuutttt - I'm in an interesting place creatively: do I zig or zag for a bit here? I am workin' on something else completely separate to 'Satchel' in the background that is more animation based and is smaller in scope. A short, silly and goofy little cartoon series. I am thinkin' that I might just bite the bullet on this one and get it out there, but there are some factors that I would need to line up (such as casting roles, finishing scripts etc.) and, potentially, missing some crucial work on 'Satchel' that I could use this time for... but, I dunno just yet... still weighin' it all up.

I think what has pushed this shift and desire for something different is due to the current climate we are in. 'Satchel' is lovely escapism, but it is a massive undertaking. It takes a lot to put it together, actually, and, ultimately - I want it to be something I am proud of at the end of the day. Hence why I am not rushing it. So, maybe this is what I need to balance it all out a bit. Maybe.

Regardless, glad I could string together a few sentences for this update and get some of my thoughts down, Newgrounds!

Be well an' stay safe in the meantime.



LINK to TAS - Episode 8: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/754605